new media art project (2001)
"romeo calls julia"

authors: Sergei Teterin & Miu Mau
Moscow - Berlin

"Romeo calls Julia" - is a conceptual media art project which centers around "telephone audioinstallation" after the famous drama of William Shakespeare. The dialog between Romeo and Julia is put in mouths of artificial virtual characters which cannot exist and meet each other anywhere except the cyberspace. This disparts them and makes them suffer more than their belonging to families of Montagues and Capulets.

Meeting and dialog of two program-generated lovers take place in the space of mobile communication, and can be overheard only when you call the specific phone number.

This is the tragedy of the new virtuality, when there is love and call, but there's no body. For the lovers must have two bodies at least, one is not enough, not to speak about none.

The borders of this newest problem are obviously wide. For such cyberenvironment as the Internet is, masquerade manipulations with personality are common, and in the Net people often show themselves not as they really are. Virtual personality can be fallen in love with, but, as a matter of fact, it has nothing to answer your feelings with, except some other portion of kilobytes. You can also develop your relations through the Net for a long time, and then really meet a man totally alien to you.

Such conflicts between the material and the virtual are happening every day in our life perpetrated by new medias. People are going to cyberspace, leaving their bodies outside the interface. But in the most important moments the body always reminds of its meaning.

The project contains:
1. Audioinstallation (the "dialog" of Romeo and Julia) in the space of cellular phone communication. The dialog of two virtual characters is generated with artificial speech generator program "Speaking Mouse". Dialog duration is 7 m 48 s. Material medium: cellular phone "Motorola StarTac Elite" connected to the city cellular network "Vosem'sot" (Perm', Russia). Phone number is: (+7) 3422 191 *** (only Russian dialog is available at the moment).
2. Web-site "Romeo calls Julia" containing original flash-presentation (only preview available at the moment).
3. Video-art movie "Rom calls Julia" (VHS). Duration: 3 . Video record may be presented on special request.

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©Sergei Teterin & Miu Mau, 2001