Some things are better not to be known at allvideo-installation according to the motiveof the site Common_Name
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The inauguration is at 16 pm, June, 14, 2000

The Central Exhibit Hall, Komsomolsky avenue, 10, Perm, Russia.

Sergey Teterin (the idea, concept, promotion)
Anya Zouyeva (the object line)
Anton Nikonov (the video-line)

The need for information is a normal quality of every living creature. Especially of the modern human being (such as we, you, they).
A usual point of view: the better informed is the winner.

> A person having Internet will hardly feel informational shortage.
>> He/she spends money and time to find and learn megabytes of the necessary information.
>>> We've already used to thinking that the more information - the better…

The subject of the video-installation "Some things are better not to be known at all" - is the information, which is better to be kept off.

Obviously, there is such kind of information gaining of which prevents a person from feeling happy. "A man enriching his knowledge increases his grief". The plain story about unfortunate love of Francisco and Mariella illustrates the thesis in its own way.

The information which hinders. The information which separates. Destroys and spoils. Where's the "iron curtain", which can stop it? How one can be defended from it? And in case the useless information, which we've managed to keep off from, is simpliciter dictated by the reality, doesn't our existence become too virtual, insubstantial, unsteady, false?
Is there any progressive decision of this existential problem? And how this decision may be called - perhaps, "anti-Internet"???

The art project "Some things are better not to be known at all" has been realized in the network of the Perm cultural program "Art-Online.Ru". The support of the program is realized by the company "Raid-Internet". The aim of "Art-Online.Ru" - is familiarization of the Russian-language audience with the best specimens of foreign art-in-the Net. You can see the translated foreign art-sites on the server

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Some things are better not to be known at all