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 The "Twins" are pocket divination tool based on magic conceptions of the Uralian nation of the Komi. Nearly obliterated from the world culture, the myths of ancient Biarmia have gained now new and contemporary embodiment.

From the book "The Twins" by Sergei Teterin (published in Russian by Sofia Publishing House, Kiev, 2000) you will learn how to master your intuition pointing it on the "superconsciousness" of yourself and the world around you. In the maelstroms of modern city life, among the growing domination of computers and the Internet, the "twins" offer an alternative to the machine intellect: your own subconsciousness.

   This oracle will make you mystically stronger and will teach you to be aware of your future and your present.

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   Please note that the materials published on the site are only exerpts from the book "The Twins".


On the Author: Sergei Teterin (b. 1969) is media-artist, writer and observer from Perm, Russia. Since 1999 he creates authentic art projects in the Internet and observes the Net art in @ARTINFO News.

Lives in Perm, Russia.

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Chapter 1.
Ancient myth revisited
What are the "twins"?
Voyage to Kudymkar
The "Knowing one"
Glass of milk
Divination on buttons
The Two
Chapter 2.
Pocket magic tool
Self-made "twins"
How to work with the oracle
The answers of the "twins"
Divination reliability
Maintenance regulations
Limitations and features
Why do they work, after all?
Chapter 3.
Working with the oracle
Questioning the future
Present and past
Relationship with
the opposite sex
Reformulating the question
Casting lots
Your talisman
When the "twins" go playing pranks
The "twins" and this book
Chapter 4.
Magical power of subconsciousness
On the powers of man
Appealing to the Permian
magical entities
The mystery of the Twins
Men and machines
Tuns of the city
Open yourself to personal luck
Chapter 5.
Working with the "twins": advanced level
Advanced magical
Building chromatograms
Three Doubles method
Working with
your wishes
Virtual register
  of wishes for XXI century
Angels are around you
Working with
other's subconsciousness
The frontier is open.
Exchanging feelings through the Internet
Chapter 6.
Komi mythology
Other divinations
Komi calender
How did the sky go
Phantom wives
The legend of Tchud'
The second Kudymkar
Left eye
Self-revealed treasures
Lords of the waters
Passing the magic power
A sorcerer from Chetdin
The flower of luck
The shadow of the dream
Photography and magic
Traditional amulets
The "Cabala"
How to deceive the decease
The living and the dead
Tiuve and Nasta Mati
To catch the ort
The "Aspen Man"
Mirror magic
Ritual laughter
Creation of the World: the text
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