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At the threshold of the year 2000 Perm powerful mass-medias united in order to find out the secrets of people from their audience: what they want from their life, what expectations and hopes they have? Have they ever thought about it seriously? The received answers will be represented to the artists who are expected to transform the text messages into visual artefacts. ярмарка сайтов

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The Millennium
Painting Site

Mia Wood
Millennium Project

About the project

This site is specially created for collecting the messages on the subject "The 21st century. Things long wished for" (starts operating on November 4,1999).

The messages arrive in two ways:
Ц offline: through the paging system, services offered by Perm company "STlink" (tel. +7 3422 668781 subscriber "21st century"). Messages colour - black.
Ц online: through filling in and submitting the form. Messages colour - blue.

In December 1999 a group of specially invited painters will began their work based on the collected materials and directed to the visualization of the human emotions, expectations, predictions and hopes.
As a result there will be created not less than 20 art-works, which are supposed to be exhibited as a unified media-art exposition on the global exhibition "Art-Perm 2000" in January 2000. It will take place in the Perm's largest pavilion "Perm fair" (Permskaya Yarmarka). The works of the most famous artists of all the artistic trends and schools will be presented there. For more details:


For the artistic realization such modern communication technologies as telephone, paging, e-mail, Internet, webcam are going to be used. Some kind of high-technology-based chain of messages' transmission and transformation will be created for transference the human wishes into the Internet.

On the first stage (November - January) the messages will be being collected by pager (subscriber "21st century"). They are supposed to contain the information about what people expect and what wishes they want to come true in the 21st century. These messages will be transformed into e-mail messages and then automatically published on the special site in the Internet. So, that is the way, how the virtual chronicle of human wishes, connected with the 21st century is going to be carried out.

Next period (January, 14-23, 2000) is devoted to the creation of the exposition (for the exhibition "Art-Perm-2000") with its main items: telephone and computer connected to the Internet. Every visitor will be able to look through all the published messages (on the site) and with a help of the phone (or keyboard) send his own message on the spot. Thus a visitor takes part in the artistic process, joining the modern scheme of interpersonal communications "telephone - pager - e-mail - Internet". Simultaneously all that is taking place is being transferred into the Internet with the help of webcam so that the visitor will be able to see his own participation in the project on the computer display.

Also there will be presented the works of the invited artists, who are going to visualize the main motifs of the project: a human being as a point of intersection of modern communications, boundless broadcasting of main wishes, all veiled and obvious presentiments connected with the approaching century. As the starting material there will be used the notes and emotions collected on the site. In addition to all this, reproducing the audio-recordings of the most interesting utterance and statements could be suitable.

Artistic aims

The author has an intention to evoke in a visitor an exciting feeling that he is entrained in the modern processes of interpersonal communications, to achieve an effect giving you an impression of your participation in some kind of ritual ( the transmission of his own wishes, the visit itself, and the fact of the participation in the process into the Internet) . The futurological coloration of the artistic idea should be emphasized as well - applying to the 21st century as to the reality, the nearness of which encourages you to reconsider your own strategies and to think about your future.

The exposition items (collages, recordings) are destined for people to step over the barriers between new electronic technologies and the personal inner life, to demonstrate the humaneness and urgency of such new forms of communications as Internet, pager, and e-mail.

A person with his/her wishes and expectations is not alone in this world, so the aim of the project is to show in what way it is possible not to be alone.